{ Development product }
Glass prism Palletizing System
Patent No 3367948
Such as the fractional component of optical drive, judge the direction and orderly rows of device.

{ Development product }
Food tray dust removal machine
Food bowls with resin produced when the plastic dust, according to the air fully automatic remove, and transport by conveyor belt to the next project of packaging engineering.

{ Electrical control equipment }
Agricultural settlement sewage control system for public use
It transforms life sewage and urine from farming villages into clean water.

{ Electrical control equipment }
Central monitoring control system
It monitors an automated factory 24 hours a day.

{ Machines with cleaning function }
SemiConductor Temperature control for clean booth

{ Equipment used in clean room }
Clean booth for wine filling
(Agimu winery delivery)

{ Equipment used in clean room }
Liquid crystal (LC) transport robot
High speed and rigidity cassette carrier device with a telescopic arm. Maximum transportable weight of 300 kilograms

{ Quantity products }
Temperature control Unit - UL, CE
Temperature control device with an accuracy of ±1 degree. Annual shipments of 500 units

{ Quantity products }
Filtering device
Oil filter equipment cleaning machine tools. Each year shipments of 200.

{ Quantity products }
Pallet Changer
Carrying devices for small works. Annual shipments of 20 units.

Other products
● Public composting facilities controller
● Remote fault monitoring system
● Weighing machine system

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